DMA Essay!

I'm so happy to announce that my doctoral essay has been published both on University of Miami's Open Access Dissertations and ProQuest.  You can access my paper, titled "The Synthesis of Artistic Elements in Works for Theatrical Percussion," through the University's database here

During my doctoral studies at the University of Miami, I had the opportunity to delve deeper into the realm of theatrical percussion, studying and performing works such as ?Corporel by Vinko Globokar, Songs I-IX by Stuart Saunders Smith, and the epic theatrical trio, Dressur by Mauricio Kagel.  Each of these pieces stretches the performer(s) in a number of ways; the most challenging, and perhaps most important, may be in the heightened physical and emotional awareness that an effective performance demands.

Each of the aforementioned pieces incorporates extra-musical artistic elements such as vocalizations, movement, and dramatic effect to create a multi-sensory artistic product.  The three composers, Vinko Globokar, Stuart Saunders Smith, and Mauricio Kagel, utilize these elements in different ways and to varying degrees.  Click here to read more!